When Will Big Brand In-Store Promos Move In-Venue?

Just read the following Ad Age article about the big in-store promo/partnership between Pepsi and A-B InBev (Bud). It got me wondering when we’d start seeing these types of promos in-venue. Big Brands say they are looking for ways to enhance the fan experience while creating more omni-channel promotions. Why isn’t this happening? Perhaps it’s the perception baggage of old technology’s inability to create item-specific promotions? Or perhaps it old technology’s inability to track each promo item sold, in real time, back to the fan? Not sure, but those technology hurdles have been eliminated with The STADIS© Advanced Promotions Platform.

The STADIS© Advanced Promotions Platform lets the fan, team, concessionaire, sponsor, or loyalty system add hard-dollar and item level value onto any fan ID. Mix and match, use one or all. Leverage the open flexibility of STADIS© for new and more personal fan engagement.

Brands, isn’t it time to start taking your in-store sports promos to the place where it’s happening – in venue? We’d love to hear your thoughts.