Real-Time Rewards

The key to real-time rewards is that they drive surprise and delight. As the highest of motivational drivers, studies show that providing surprise and delight drives higher levels of loyalty, incremental revenue and differentiation.

Cross analysing how they feel to which benefits are important

Programs have a core element of 'surprise and delight' will go a long way to overcome consumers' belief (74%) that programs do not offer any real value.

Consumers who feel that 'loyalty programs don't offer any real value' are far more likely to place high importance on 'surprise gifts or surprise rewards that arrive without you making a redemption'.

*This is consistent with Directivity/Citrus research showing 2 of the top 3 financial benefits that loyalty systems can provide.

Loyalty also appears to be more likely when programs implement a multi-faceted approach.

Consumers who 'tend to feel more loyal to the company/brand when I am a member of their programs' consistently place higher importance than the average consumer on ALL listed loyalty program benefits (transactional and emotional rewards).

This suggests that those programs with multiple financial and emotional benefits in their program framework are better placed to build genuine loyalty with their members.

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