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STADIS is sold as Software as a Service (SaaS)n

STADIS is sold as Software as a Service (SaaS), with all software hosted and updated via STADIS. STADIS is accessed via subscriptions, allowing for easy implementation and scalability. The team at IMS will work with you to select the right subscription package based on your needs and requirements.

Because rewards can be used by multiple tactics, STADIS Subscriptions are based on a tactical approach to deployment.

Choose Tactic (or engagement ID), then rewards, then system you want to deploy against 

The following graph shows the subscription selections of current STADIS customers

Combine Multiple Subscriptions, Save Money

Examples of STADIS Flexibility

Our most powerful subscription combination leverages customer access through ticketing, allowing you to create truly unique bundles and rewards programs for any customer, ticket type or price level
For those who want to take a “Stored Value” only approach to their bundling and rewards, this combination drives significant customer engagement and immediate incremental revenue
Drive incremental revenue through new customer engagement, reward VIPs, and manage employee meal maintenance efficiently and effectively.
STADIS customer and item-level data plus traditional retail POS data all sent to your data warehouse solution in real-time.
STADIS is fully integrated with all major ticketing, retail, food and beverage systems. Our warehousing solution can takes in raw data and pushs it back out to STADIS BI Insights, business intelligence tools, CRMs or any other systems you have in real-time. LEARN MORE
Unlike single POS systems, IMS systems are unified. This enables unrivaled customer bundling, reward and engagement across systems, and access to all the data and insight these systems provide. No one else can offer anything close to what the IMS Complete Venue can. Best-of-breed systems, system integration, rewards and enterprise-wide insights now delivered out-of-the-box! LEARN MORE

Every Customer Has Specific Needs...

...and STADIS can be bundled into all of them. Talk to our knowledgable sales and technical team. We help, guide you to the right subscription plan or develop a new one!

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